Monday, October 26, 2009

Ascend News

On the cold and rainy morning of September 13th, a record 3000 riders braved difficult conditions to take part in the second annual Degani Kinglake Ride. This year’s event saw riders and organisers come together to raise much needed funds for the local communities and CFA affected by the devastating February bushfires.

With an improved course, featuring a smoother descent into Whittlesea, participants battled it out as they wound their way through the fire-ravaged townships of the Kinglake area, taking in some of the best riding country in Victoria.

ASCEND sponsored riders for the event, Jason Jackson, Ash Thomas, Joel Pearson (Savings) and Shaun McCarthy (Savings) were there on the day to lend their support, having a great day out despite the inclement weather. ‘It practically snowed for 120 km!’ says Jason. ‘At one point all I could do was laugh. The rain was so heavy I couldn’t see 10 metres in front of me.’

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly ‘The Will Walker Challenge’ where riders pitted themselves against the champ’s time on the gruelling 7.2km climb into Kinglake. ‘It turned out to be a solid hit out’ recalls Jason.

The boys helped to supply the field with ASCEND Elite Recovery Bars, ensuring all involved had the strength and stamina to take on the 70km and 120km recreational rides. ‘Over the course of the day all I ate was two Recovery Bars’ says Jason. ‘My energy levels didn’t fluctuate as much as with other bars and regular food. I recovered well’.

Even with reduced visibility from the driving rain, Jason Jackson belted out a strong finish to come in first across the line with an impressive time of 3 hours 17 minutes, and even managed to have a bit of fun along the way. ‘The bunch may have been wet and cold but everyone loved it’ he says. ‘Big thanks to Ascend, Supersprint and Degani for putting on a great day for all to enjoy.’

Check out the photos below for all the action from the Degani Kinglake Ride 2009…

See you there next year!

Friday, October 16, 2009

We're everywhere!

Sighted in Queensland, the royalty cheques are starting to flow out Jason's letterbox.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

King of the Flat Hill?

Could it be??

With the 'end of days' type weather looming, it was truely the dedicated/sensless that made their way to the Yarra Flats to contest the Flat hill Crit, with our own Jason Jackson looking to make it 3 from 3!

Talk was that teh race organiserer had slipped some ringers in the field, so when Jason lined up against Paulie, AJ, Rohin, and the rest of the Total Rush freight train, it was going to be on. With hail just before the start line, the end of days looked nigh.

But with some good fortune for him, bad fortune for others, and some good hard racing, Jason took home the prize, and in the same breath talked of moving to queensland and retiring...!

When Jason returns, he's laid open the challenge to knock him from the top spot ;) Mouthy little chap, can you beat him??!

Thursday, October 1, 2009