Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Felt epix has a new member.

Aaron Christopher Jackson, born on the 26/12/08 at 11:40pm, 7 pounds 3 oz, 51cm 'tall'. Tessa and Aaron are doing well.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yesterday I got out on a glorious day, for a less than successful Hell ride. So I guess 1 out of 2 ain't bad?! Anyway, I was munching down on some Ascend bars and finished off the morning with some Recovery drink, as remembered that there is some great starter pack deals at Ascend

Some of the deals are almost 50% off, and there is never a better time to get onto the best proteins on the market today. You know that you can always get a sample off us to give it a try, and you'll be suprised at the results. Many of our friends have actually reported a tangible change and improvement, and that's pretty impressive.

So get over there and at least check out the offers available. With web based services, you can be assure of a quick delivery, and they also are starting to get the product into gyms, bike shops and other fitness related retailers.

And sometimes, often during the festive season, you just have to get resourceful to cover the food groups..

Onto some more selfish and gratuitous advertising, we've got our new artwork and stickers delivered. Look out for 'em around the place!

In a final cheap dig, Jason has the words and pretty pictures from the Fatties BBQ during the week, but the interweb is being pesky apparently. Soon, my friends, soon...

Due to popular opinion...

The music has been removed...

Happy days for some, a sad day for us...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

National Series short track @ You Yangs

Whilst its not really our game, I thought I'd post up some pics from GVRaceTech from Sunday's short track at the slightly damp You Yangs!

The VDPloeg dynasty carries on....!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tickle me, Elmo

For your viewing pleasure...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chase the crit, round two.

Cam and I set off early to hit some local trails before heading to the crit. The bike of choice this week was the Felt Virtue 1, *mental sound made while riding*, Brrrruuup.

Lap one.

The pace was on from the start. James set a very nice first lap, “warm up lap” he called it.

Lap two.

Feeling "well rested" from last week, I decided to have a crack and see if the old guy (me) might be able to break his winning streak.

Not a chance!

Lap three.

Passed by a single speed, which is a super effort on that course.

Laps four to six

Ride to survive…

If only this was my back yard!

Big thanks must go to the Peacock family for putting on the event and supporting not only Fat Tyre Flyers but mountain biking in general.

See you next week. Check here for race details
PS: Have you wondered why some people have been acting alittle strange? Look no further.

Friday, December 5, 2008

2009 Felt MTBA Australian Marathon Championships & Marathon Challenge - Entries now open!

Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) and Big Hill Events are pleased to announce that entries to the 2009 Felt MTBA Australian Marathon Championships and Felt Marathon Challenge are now open.
The 2009 Felt MTBA Australian Marathon Championships will be run in conjunction with the 2009 Felt Marathon Challenge (previously known as The Gut Full) on Sunday 29 March in Wandong and Mt Disappointment State Forest, Victoria.
Riders will chose from 100km, 69km and 38km course distance options ensuring that the event is challenging yet achievable for riders of all levels. Those who enter the 100km course will be riding amongst Australia’s top mountain bike riders in the 2009 Felt MTBA Australian Marathon Championships.
Only one hour from Melbourne, this event offers everything you want plus a little more… European-style feed stations, on-course bike servicing, a huge prize pool, supportive and friendly event staff, affordable race entry, a compressive event website…. and more to come!
With a mix of 4WD tracks, fire roads and great single track the 2009 Felt MTBA Australian Marathon Championships and 2009 Felt Marathon Challenge is set to reward, thrill and excite!
Riders are encouraged to enter early as the event will be limited to a field of 750 riders. Enter online at

Ash and I will be riding the course on Sunday so stay tuned for some pics and hopefully some footage. Check here for all the race details.

Chase the crit, round one.

Last night I headed down with Cam to check out the FTF Chase the crit. With the event location practically at my front door there is no excuses not to attend. After reading the below spiel I did think this sounds too good to be true, to that I say I was most definitely wrong!

(Attached Spiel)

Here is the ultimate in single track mountain bike crits; only 4 minutes from the Warrandyte Bridge.
Course Profile ‐ all condensed into 1,000metres of beautiful single track:
• Berms
• Switchbacks
• Singletrack
• Fire road
• Rock garden
• Logs
• Climbing (50m per lap)
• 4 to 5 minutes per lap

The loop had it all. I was told before the start that is was 1.2km and thought, easy... (not). It felt like at least 4 but that was because there is more than enough to keep one amused and wanting more. Mind you I was riding the Black Stallion.

Craig Peacock taking the big $5 to boost the global economy.

One can see how Craig and James get their bike skills with this 3m gap jump! Lucky for us we rode past it and not over.

Sweet private singletrack.

I have been riding with Cam now for around a year and never seen this side of the man,**GAME ON**.
B and C class giving their all and loving it.
For the full details of the event check here. I hope to see you there next week.

Jason Jackson


We've got a new toy!!

After a very brief test, the capacity is there so look out for some serious POV camera work!

Sorry there isn't more, but this weekend should change that!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting dusty.

I headed out with Cam for some local soul searching on the Felt SS.

I didn't want to tell Cam that its not a tire problem, its a wheel size issue! But keep pumping mate...

Hmmmm, the little people have been busy!

Yep, its always exciting hitting new dirt for the first time ;)...