Monday, January 30, 2012

Summer is back, thanks to your chosen deity!

And that makes me happy. So I went and rode my bike a bit. Like I said last post (a breath of wind blew the dust off it), I headed to Buller to check out the new trails up that way. Seems I'm not the only one this summer either which is great for the mountain. Places like that need everyone one to come and visit in order to both stay alive, and also to justify the amount of money they plow into infrastructure and services. Its the chicken and egg problem as usual, but you can do your part to help by simply putting boots on ground and checking it all out. The more people they see up there, the more money is likely to flow and improve things.

So after my community service messages, I got out riding! A lazy lift ticket got me checking out Copperhead trail (bring your big bike...!) and I was a little dissapointed that it was as rough as it was. The big DH bikes don't take long to tear it up (and who'd blame them, its fun!) but it kinda takes a bit of the fun out when you're simply hanging on. So that was copperhead, good but not great for the enduro style of rider.

Off to Stonefly, the latest Jacobs creation -

And yep, its good. Go ride it, you won't be disappointed! Simple as that! Its got it all, in one cleverly designed package and it deserves your patronage!

And I always try to finish a Buller visit with a trip down Klingsporn which I still contend is the best trail going around for smile value. 3 trips over the side on the way down (15mm thru axle in my future says the crystal ball...) but better than my riding partner who lost all of his chainring bolts :)

So that was NewYears time, and I've been able to keep doing some pedaling since, with trips to check out the new trails at RedHill, home of the Fetch Mankini and was suitably impressed! Some great fun little trails which have held up really well so they must be well built!

Also, the new pump track under the Westgate which seems to have gone quiet recently, but seems to be finished?! I forgot to take a broom down to give it a sweep, but the track is great fun. Nice and fast with plenty of line choices and much bigger than the one at Lysterfield! Sadly no photos, but I have got a quick video of it somewhere...

And finally a Hell ride, and a trip to the Dandenongs have gotten me back in the saddle. Hell ride was a shambles on the weekend, with a lot of people present and some very rubbish riding going on mid pack. By people that have written out/blogged the 'rules' on the road? Yeah, whatever thanks.

In bike news, everyone around me seems to be getting new bikes, making me lust for something shiny. We'll see how we go, might have to do some more work yet...!