Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And the conclusion...

So we made it out of the ‘woods’ so to speak. Grover was looking a little worse for wear, as we all were.

Off to the Ada Tree we went, back on course to making our ride work. After a bit more ride, hike, ride, hike in some beautiful country, very similar to British Colombia, Canada (really, it IS!!) we made it to the famed Ada Tree.

Jack, looking for a crit no matter where he goes!

Its pretty tall, at least JD thinks so.

Fourtunatly it was as good as it was made out to be, as we could have had a mutiny otherwise. One rider, an older rider *hint* may have commented at one point after 46,214 log we had to get over, that ‘this f$&*#g tree better be f#$%g good’ with more venom than that Tiger snake. Lucky for all of us, it was, the damn thing is huge!! Cleaning out the leeches from our shoes and sucking down some food (well I enjoyed my salad rolls thanks guys) we headed back around to complete our loop.

The singletrack leading out of the Tree was awesome. Buff singletrack all the way out to the car park where we headed out and down the hill we had spent the better part of the morning climbing.

With a nice long descent on the fire road, we found a ‘short cut track’ (no, really, that’s what it was called!) and of course we took it. Funniest had to have been Jason hitting up a water bar on an old logging coup, only to find that taking off on an angle in clay doesn’t work. A HUGE moment, made all the worse that Jack and I followed exactly what he did, and 3 of us were busily crossing ourselves and giggling when the others caught up. A few huge sticks in drivetrains, a slow leak and that’s about the sum total of the damage for the day.

We found our final section of singletrack that would take us all the way back to the cars, the Richards Tramway track. In need of some track maintenance would be a good description, with a lot of leaf litter and fallen timber across it, but we persevered and with a bit of a clean, it would be an awesome trail to descend! Flicking sticks and climbing over firewood, got a bit tedious towards the end, but one final blast down some awesome switchbacks and we were spat out onto the fireroad back to the cars, to the sound of everyone’s phone ringing and messages to find out where the hell we were!?

Bellie checking if the timer works...

And we can see that Mr Rattray...

According to the Garmin, it took us 3.5 hours to do 40km and climb about 1300-1400 metres. Take that with a grain of salt, as 6 hours had elapsed since leaving the cars, and we didn’t stop long for lunch…! It was a long, painful adventure today, intermixed with a lot of hiking and portages, but would we miss out, NEVER! Thanks very much to the crew that joined us today; we hope you enjoyed the adventure as much as we did. This couldn’t be possible without the assistance of brands such as Felt Bicycles who provide us with our stallions, the reliable Virtue 1’s, Veloman, Cycle Design, and Stronglight who provide us with our accessories.