Sunday, February 24, 2008

Making ends meet...

Whilst the racers headed down to the Otways for some big race sponsored in part by a company that has little if any place in the Australian marketplace, some of us headed bush.

In the past, we've found a new place to ride, full of challenges and awesome trails, and we've decided to add to that. With map in hand, we've done some exploration in the past and found some trails just begging to be linked up. Whilst this is no cake walk, as anyone who has been to the area can attest, the effort put in it equal to the awesome trails that are coming out! To access the area, there are hills so steep they cannot be ridden, its in a remote, very rocky area and its been a long time since people have paid it any mind.

So yesterday, we got stuck in. We've found a few loops that we would like to connect, and with a few trail tools in hand, we got to it. 7 hours of trail building later, we have a few k's of sensational singletrack, with everything from undulating, contouring trail, to drops, to a few small berms and a nice steep rocky out.

To give you some idea, we've burnt a number of brake rotors already... Not for the faint of heart, but we stick by the fact that you get out what you put in. And this trail sure does deliver! Broken rakes, way to many cuts and scratches, bush medicine with leatherman's, and its all coming together.

A few more days out there, and we'll be needing some crash test dummies! Interested in riding some fresh new singletrack?? ;)


Tristan said...

I think you will find you are mistaken. If it where not for the likes of Torpedo7 and overseas retailers, a number of us privateers would simply not be able to afford to ride as much as we do, let alone race. It is a global market.

Ash Thomas said...

Point considered. And disagreed with. The company to which I refer makes its 'money' by snapping up the over-runs from manufacturers and selling them with stuff-all overheads. Great, cheap stuff. Without a warranty, without any money to pay staff to help you when it goes wrong, without contributing to any fund to promote cycling, with no economic conscience... I agree the sport is expensive, but we all started on low cost equipment, until we could afford to upgrade. It still applies. Costs are constantly coming down, the problem is they keep inventing shiny new 'essential' parts to buy. My contention it to continue to support the industry in Australia that supports retail shops so you can try stuff on, with mechanics employed and able to give you good advice, and any number of other reasons. Naive? Perhaps... I guess we're all entitled to our opinions, go forth and do as you please.


Randall said...

thanks ash. Support your local bike shop and guess what??? They'll support you!
Advice, demo products, correct installation, warrenty, discounts, store sponsorship.
If no one supports the local stores there will be no bike industry in Australia.

Ash Thomas said...

Whilst cheap bits for a race bike (as an example) are great in theory, if nobody puts any money behind events, like all the logos you see on event t-shirts, there wouldn't be any races... Extrapolate that out, and whilst the cheap stuff seems wonderful, and we all feel very clever at finding a bargain, is it really a bargain??