Sunday, February 17, 2008

Staying in touch.

On the first Epix ride at Mt Buller we made a slight navigational error and ended off the map and out of radio range with our support crew. We were using a hand held .5 watt UHF radio which has a range of next to nothing!! We decided an upgrade was in order not only to keep us relaxed while getting lost, but also to ensure our support crew has healthy finger nails.

The new radios have 2watt maximum output and are rated to have a 10kms + (line of sight) range. They run 3 x AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries per handset that so far have lasted for three days before going flat.

They came with a set of trick speaker microphones that work well with my camelbak.

With the microphone mounted on our sholder straps it will eliminate that always frustrating need to stop on the side of the track, pull out the handset only to find you are out of radio range once again. Another advantage will be both riders can keep in contact with ease.

The true test will be on the next Epix ride, so stay tunned for the full review.

Over and Out!! Ha Ha Ha