Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good enough for Wolverine, its good for us!!

Today we were involved in a meeting with the (wait for it, deep breath) general manager, international and sales marketing manager, and the research and development manager of a nutritional supplement under the brand name of Ascend. Now we didn't now much about it but we plan to give it a go! Not to name drop, because we aren't those sort of people ;) , we've been told that people of the calibre of AFL footballers (between you and me), cyclist Jai Crawford, Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine and some other leaders in their chosen pursuits, find ways to use this product.

We have been placed in a brilliant position - and I hazard to say a quite unique position. The management at Ascend aren't really interested in us promoting the product if it isn't working for us. They naturally take the punt that their supplements will assist everyone, but err on the side of caution. The beautiful side to this is that everyone wins if it works out. If their product doesn't working for us, no harm no foul. If it does, we'll be promoting it as something we would chose to use as it works! So expectantly, we wait. We'll punish ourselves in the hope that this product assists us (more about the actual product shortly) and then comes the best part of all. Ascend actually offer free samples through their website! Thats right, you read correctly!

Regardless, patience will be rewarded, wait and see how we go. Over the next few weeks, we'll release a lot more information about the unique products offered by Ascend, and any results we notice, and let you make the most informed decision you can. In my experience, the recovery products I've used have worked reasonably well, but they haven't fitted my needs precisely. Hopefully Ascend will be able to fill that gap, and if it does, we'll be letting you know!