Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Gut Full marathon, from Big Hill events, sponsored by Felt Bicycles has been run and won for the second year. Giant rider Spink was the clear cut winner on the day, from a valiant Paul Redenback (sp.) on a cool but clear day. Early rain during the week bought on quite a few DNS' but it would appear more fool them. The course contained a few mud puddles but most could be avoided, and went off without a hitch.

Rohin, the man and mouth behind BigHillEvents was on the mike, revving up the caffeinated masses.

I travelled out for a look and to potentially help out, ending up merely prowling the course with Gez taking photos of the day. Meeting the riders at various points was good for a giggle and hopefully it gave them a small distraction for a while..

Jack was feeling frisky this morning, perhaps a change in demeanor a product of recent events?

Elite toeing the line...

Mark McDougall, the least photographed man on the Felt Racing team. Whilst I'm sure they have miles of content for that blog, how about an interview with the riders?

Dougie threading his way though the crowd.
And at 9.30 on the nose, they unleashed the elite. And guess who hit the front...

And was followed by a hell of a lot of riders...

Jack offered up this woeful attempt at the skid-on-request zone...

Josh Fleming and co offered up absolutly no attempt... Kill joys..

And then comes along this man..

Skid? I'll show you skid...

'Oh hell yeah, thats a new record' Benny wasn't having the flashest day ever after a large day yesterday on the bike, and was happy to stop for a quick chat. We had a laugh, and sent him on his way.

Matty L was on a good day...

Scott Liston elected to take the long way, going straight for a while before our yelling distracted him just enough to look up and see the track went 180deg the other way...

He was a bit sheepish as he got back up to speed and on his way... We happily reminded him of it until he was well out of earshot :)
Doogie was cleverly hanging on the back of this little gruppo

Or was his tongue dragging in the spokes? Either way, that group splintered later, and a few riders went on to excellent finishes.

But not before they nearly took another wrong turn... So misleading, the crowds of people standing in the bush... That must be the reason, as they came out of the bush then turned the other way (scratches head...)

And finally, Mr Eva out there still smashing around on the long course, complete with smile-on-dial. Word has it there are big plans afoot involving this man...!

So that was the day, hopefully there will be some more photos of a funny experience we had out there, we'll see if the photos turn up.

Tis all, ride on,



rhino said...

skids are for kids.....when is the next epix? I need to book a flight down.