Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tommorrow sees the Gut Full Marathon taking place out near Mt Dissapointment, sponsored by Felt Bicycles. By the sounds of the whisperings that I've heard around this week, we should be seeing a large turnout in for the Felt Camp and a solid amount of riders taking up the fully catered feed zones out on course!!!

Jason went and pre-rode the course 2 weeks ago (the full GPS plot, elevations etc) and returned saying it will make a fantastic race course, so we should see plenty of exciting racing. After the excitement of the Solo24 nationals last week, I can only hope we see racing as close as that, to give the spectators/significant others something to cheer about!

There is a thread over at that has all the latest information on it, if you are a participant and need to get ahold of all the latest, otherwise, pack your bags and head on out. With weather clearing, it should be a good day!