Sunday, June 15, 2008

News coming to hand...

After promises of some notable articles have fallen by the wayside, we apologies for the lack of content over the last week. Happily I can report that there is still plenty going on even as we head into winter.

Whilst I was on holiday last week, I got a call from someone in the bike industry, and now can confirm that we are in the final stages of discussions to add another name to our supporting companies over there on the right. We have even been offered the opportunity to become part of the design team for their products, so look out for whatever we may come up with! The company itself is in the final stages of getting a totally new product into the market place as well, so hopefully you may see it here first!

Our contact at Night lightning has also been busy! As well as organizing some great deals for riders, he himself has been out on his bike at the races, proving that the best companies are the ones that get out there on the ground with their customers! Racing around on nothing less than a Felt Virtue, he had a great time out there. Amusingly, he took his brand spanking Virtue out to the race, with his old bike as a spare in case he 'didn't like it' - needless to say, the old bike didn't get a run. Converted, you could say, and another happy customer!

And with some new stickers adorning our vehicles, a new camper trailer on the books, another great Epix in the making, and plenty to read about on the 24Solo riders heading for the worlds, things are alive and well!!

I'll get some pic's of our stickers this week for you!