Sunday, June 29, 2008

Smiths Gully, St Andrews

Sunday morning saw just Jason and myself saddle up for a great little loop out at Smiths Gully. On the way our there, we saw Jack from FeltRacing and Matt L for the Specialized cult, smashing each other with about 14 billion other cyclists out Kinglake way. With our shiny new grips and chain stay protectors making us feel all happy and spoilt, we hit some fantastic trails including one that has already gone on the top ten list! So much fun, a trail that bends and swoops and rails around just as you would expect it to, without unhappy suprises!

I thought I'd throw a picture of our new stickers we're playing with. The black Felt logo doesn't work against the tint, but on Jason's white car it looks great. Its only the first attempt, but it certainly grows on you.

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We both were a little uncertain as to which grip to try, so we hedged our bets and went with both...?! It was really good to have both grips side by side (so to speak) to get a good feel of which compound we each prefer. I'm still not totally certain as they both have good traits at different times, so I will continue to consider which I'll use.

Straight out of the car, the trails just rips down into the gully, down some super sweet trail. I was all over the show, with Jason just carving the way on his RXC Team hardtail, making me feel very average. I don't think Hell Ride yesterday does much for the skills, but once warmed up with a few punchy climbs, all became zen.

A bit of behind the scenes work here, Jason will have some more (better quality) pics up shortly.

The grips were benefiting from 'shiny new stuff' syndrome, and we're actually very happy with the way they performed on their first outing

The Nightlightning jersey's don't often get to see the light of day, but we thought we'd get them out for a bit of air time. I've actaully been using my lights over the past few weeks to commute to work (some long hours...) and they continue to amaze me and dazzle drivers. Great battery life, dead easy and reliable mounting, and I'm a happy camper!

Jason wasn't that psyched on the long climb, I think he uttered some four letter medical type words as I took these. The loops had a perfect amount of variety, everything that mountain biking can throw at you, but talk is they want to shut these trails down. Damnit!

Raaaaailing it...

We'll put some more pictorials up shortly, maybe a vid or two as well, but more importantly, get out there and amongst it before it gets too cold and wet!