Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Smiths gully photo update

The cycle design saddle bag is still up to the task! The zipper is getting a bit rough, but hours and hours of roost will do that, and it hasn't thrown a tantrum yet!

For some strange reason, they got biiiig wombats out this way. Or a bit of a sink hole problem. Either way, there was a few precarious points on this trail...

The best view of the city - one from afar... Its there, just behind that tree on the horizon.

Some more sink hole action. What do they say? Don't look down!

And the final section of the ride is ripping long trail like this. Lifes tough :)

And aren't all the most memorable rides ended at a pub with a fire like this!?! I know this one was!

The latest Epix is in full planning stage tonight. We've 'planned' a route, logistics are falling into place, weather looks like it will behave and we're headed somewhere like this....

Its going to be another good one!!


Christian Lloyd said...

Did you have your GPS for this loop? If so can you send me the GPX/HST. I've seen some of the single track in Smiths Gully from the road, would be good to get the MTB on to it.


Ash Thomas said...

no problem, working on getting it posted.