Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whats been happening??

For the most part here at Felt Epix, it was a pretty long recovery from the Grampians Epix. Its not a normal action for us to run on flat ground, so to run across the cliff tops was pretty tough, but thats all good in the end.

Le Tour has been going well, with some crazy late nights and not a lot of sleep in the camp. Last nights stage was just awesome, Jens Voigt is some other sort of animal the way he pulled to the bottom of Hautacam. Naturally its good to see Cadel in yellow, but moreover its good to see him being personable to the cameras and actually wanting to hear what he has to say. He actually sounds like a real person! Tech is here for those interested!

In the latest news from the 24hour Solo MTB worlds in a very short time, its appears that Troy Bailey has joined the Nightlightning camp, with a set of Digital Blaasts in his hot little hands in readiness for the big race in Canada. Hopefully he'll have a review up on his blog shortly, let you all know how they go for him. I know that I've been scaring hookers and motorists (alike, not together, except for that one time....) in StKilda of late, commuting to work in the dark each day, and I'm loving them rain hail or shine. We do still have a demo set that are available to have a test ride with, feel free to drop us a line and organize a ride.

And finally, Ascend have provided us with a fresh supply of sample satchels of 'Muscle' and 'Recovery'. I've been using the 'Muscle' and the colostrum every day, with milk, ice and a banana to great success. Wizz it all up in blender and away we go! Health and strength are better than ever. Check out the range on offer at Ascend, they've got everything you need, and with the introduction of quite honestly the best tasting bars every, we're sorted!!

Make sure that you never get into a position like this again.... Poor Absalon, you have to feel for the guy.