Friday, August 29, 2008

The World cup show visits downunder

After a long absence from Australia, the World Cup show will roll back in for the next round of the Cup, visiting sunny Canberra. By all reports the course is going to be awesome, but the rumour mill is apparently grinding up some goodness and spitting it out in the shape of faux fact, so the 'wait and see card' is in play.

Riders that I know that will be circulating in the XCO racer are Fenner, Rohin, Maebus, and Lockie, and perhaps you may see some post race reports on Felt Racing, and there will be a strong showing of course in the DH and 4x with names like Kovaric, Rennie, Hill, Graves, Buchannan and the rest of the gang getting amongst it!

And in a fact I just remembered, the World Cup will in fact be live on FreeCaster on sunday afternoon, so there is NO excuse not to be able to cheer on the Aussies, even if you can't make it there! This 'should' be the correct link, but do your own research if I'm wrong...