Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cape To Cape MTB

A few weeks ago, Ascend Sport came to us with an idea to send us to a brand new event in WA. This is the first time that an event such as this has been run, and its attracted some more than considerable backing from various corporates and also Government! Its going to be large, is the message we're getting loud and clear.

Having personally been to a National XC/DH round over in WA, I can't wait to get back there! Its a beautiful place, so diverse and varied, and any time you can get near that amazing water its a good day. And, the sun sets over the water, a nice treat for us living on the eastern sea board!

And so, the crux of the announcement is this: Ascend are graciously offering us the opportunity to go to WA to participate in a 4 day mountain bike event taking in some amazing terrain in the Southwest corner of the state.

"The world-famous tourist destination of the south-west corner of WA is marked by the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse at the southern tip and the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse at the northern tip. The Cape to Cape MTB will run from Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturaliste along a network of bush tracks, forest trails, roads and old railway lines. It will be held over four stages with the option to ride all four stages, two stages or one stage." - Cape to Cape MTB

To coincide with this event, Ascend is currently planning to use the opportunity as a 'soft launch' (thats marketing speak for 'without too much fanfare') of their awesome new electrolyte drinks, Muscle bars and Recovery bars. If you are lucky enough to be able to get to the event, and we hope you make the effort, you'll be able to wrap your laughing gear around some of them. Failing that, you'll be finding them online shortly!!

And hopefully we'll get the opportunity to ride some of the areas' notorious pea gravel. Ball bearings in dust, the stuff that Sam Hill eats for breakfast!

Bring it on!!