Monday, September 8, 2008

Furthering the fields?

So as promised, something new!

Could this be the new vehicle that Epix has gotten a hold of? I know we both 'test drove' it on Saturday night, and I can just see it with a few bikes in the back, some camping gear and us road tripping along somewhere in summer!

Perhaps its not, but there definitely is another vehicle at Felt Epix. If only we could find a photo of it to post up... Soon soon...

Back onto riding news however, and we hit up the Hell ride last weekend for a saturday squirt, along with Andy Bell, a few other mountain bikers including Neil Robinson, and fellow Nightlightning and Ascend rider John Claxton. With at least 150 of our closest friends also in our company, it was going to be a hectic morning. And sure enough. Shelling out the riff raff at the start is common practice, yet there was still a hell of a lot of riders, with the bunch still huge at the turnaround at MT Eliza. Come back, there was that much chopping and hooking that the call was made to pull the pin and save skin for another day, and with some of us still having a long ride back home, there was a few fully skinned yet tired people by the mid morning.

Round the Bay hasn't got a patch on a weekly training ride. Bikes are back this summer, in a big way! I think roving first aid supplies on beach road could be a new business venture for an opportunist!

And another Epix is in the planning, with some other cool new stuff also in the pipeline, which we'll bring to you as soon as it happens! And finally, are releasing their long awaited tyre sealant this month, called SPEX so look out for it here and amongst the local riders first!