Friday, October 3, 2008

As per usual, I must preclude this post with an apologies of our lax posting... Sorry! Also, given that we both forgot to pick up our cameras as we ran out the door last night, I put that photo up as that is what we saw, at sunset, so I thought it was close... ;)

On the brighter side of that, things are going smoothly at Epix, and preparations for the the Cape To Cape are coming along well. Our Virtue 1's are getting some preparation, with attention being paid to the easily replaceable bearing pivots that keep the suspension working so well.

With the race in Western Australia being a bit of an unknown quantity, Jason and I are taking no chances and preparing for any sort of conditions to come our way. Training is coming along really well also. I've taken a leaf out of John So's book, and stepped down as the Mayor of Struggletown, now I can hold a wheel at full gas, so its all coming together.

Tour De Burbs again last night was huge, many many people making it simply an exercise in staying near the front and out of trouble! There was a huge turnout of mountain bikers, and it was good to see Felt riders mixing it up the front, given that the Scott24 hour race is next weekend (good luck to Felt Racing) Its a good hitout, tour de burbs, with some touch pinch climbs at a hefty speed making it invaluable as a quickfire training tool.

Rolling in the door after every night training, Jason and I are sure to whip up a variation of our Ascend products. I've personally got a couple of recipies, but my standard one involves a bananna, ice, milk, Muscle, colostrum and a whole lot of noise! Perfect on a summers evening, and with a splash of cointreau, HELLO! :) I know from a personal point of view (I won't speak for Jason) that I physically couldn't ramp up my training like this without this supliment. My body begins to consume itself, and I don't have enough energy to build on good work, and lose weight (muscle) like its going out of fashion. Ascend has, and continues to give me the backup that I need to build some form! Even out on the bike, Ascend are in no danger of stopping the rock, with the fantastic bars many of you have tried, and the release of the new Electrolyte drink in the coming months which we are testing with success! The Cape to Cape is to my understanding, the soft launch of these products, so you nice people should be able to get your hands on it sometime shortly following that.

Looks like a hefty weekend on the bike too, with Around the Bay upcoming (Jason might have a story to share about that...?!) and a few other things on the cards, it 10/10ths in the leadup to the Cape to Cape.