Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy customer!!

I just received this email and thought is was worth posting for all to read.

To Felt Epix,

I have been using the Ascend products for the past three months. I have been using the recovery bars during training and the recovery and muscle shakes post training. I have noticed gains in my training and it was now time to test it all in a race. On the 21st September Steve my race team mate and I headed to Lake Maquarie for a 24 hour adventure race. My food plan for the race was based around an Ascend Recovery bar every 2 hours. The race day was 32 deg and after 23.5 hours we crossed the line, not with the result we were after but we finished. I have never felt better at the end of a race. The biggest difference I noticed using the Ascend Recovery Bars was that I did not suffer any flat spots, which is a huge advantage in a long race. I could not have been more impressed how the Recovery Bar worked and will be using them in all my races from now on.

Thanks heaps, Matt

For more details on the Ascend products please check here.

And finally, this weekend see the biggest race of the Australian calendar and possibly in the world (participant wise) with the Scott 24hour race being held. With riders coming from all points of the compass, Ascend will have a box seat towards the front of the race with Bellie on the program and John Claxton also representing. John will have a selection of samples up there as well, I'm led to believe, so be sure to stop by his tent and ask him about the great new product range from Ascend.