Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Photo dump from the Cape to Cape

I've found a few more stories and such about the net for your viewing pleasure, and I'm also going to hijack some of their photos as well, so photo credits are due to Ascend Sport and to Rohin.

More stories can be found here and here so be sure to check them out, but amuse yourself by scrolling through the photos below for a few moments. I'll endeavor to get through some of the cool stuff we found and used whilst over there, some time this week...

Looking (kinda) pretty with all the shiny new products on offer to the riders. To directly quote the Ascend boys,

"In answer to the many requests; the bars will be available online before the end of November; rolling out in select gyms, specialist cycling & triathlon stores soon after that. The drinks are scheduled for a similar roll-out, beginning before the end of 2008 – so look out for them!"

Also look out for a special offer that will be made available to readers of this blog when purchasing their Ascend products.

Bogged down in the sandy starts, after a team time trial to make the start. We soon sorted that out though, with Johnny and Willow smashing it out at the front.

The end of stage one, happy to have that out of the way!

Curiously, the tallest lighthouse on the mainland at 39m apparently...

Stage one - go!!

Its was a super fun week, sadly Johnny had already made it to the massage table and was in no mood to get up from it!

And finally, putting the hurt on the boys... Be sure to check out Rohin's take on the week as well, and let us know if you see any other stories around the web.