Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winter series memories...

Ponying up at dawn o'clock, all too silly to suggest its to wet/cold, saw us rolling down the road at 6.30am. Jason was ready to rip after a festive evening, not altogether unhappy at the prospect of a shorter local ride, having driven through one of the many storms just to meet up.

Singlespeeds were the decision at 10.30pm last night, a concession to the weather.

And the weather was truly crap, with hail, driving rain and one tiny, tiny glimpse of blue sky that whisked off on the wind.

Lysterfield loop was the order of the day, and was quite pleasant really. Nothing too mental, just lots of chatting on familiar trails and hammering around our old haunts. The trails seemed to hold up quite well to the weather, but a drought will do that now won't it.

So muddy as hell, we were looping back when the heavens opened once again. So cold was the rain, that we all got instant ice cream headaches!!

A full set of thrashed brake pads for all of us, thumbs up for my Innova tyres which were soldiering on through the mud we found, and big thumbs up for the Squirt chain lube in the crap conditions!

And to leave you, we have this...