Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yarra Glen loop. (with new photos)

Finally getting over the WA slog we decided to rally the troops for a fun day out on the slicks.

We all met in Heidelberg and set off to Kinglake then on to Yarra Glen for some time in the saddle. One of the joys of this ride was the pace! No hearts rates recorded, no specific zones to be reached, just a punch of friends catching up on a Saturday morning out to enjoy the sport.

More photos of Grover goofin off. Easy to do when you are sporting some legs!

Old bar tape (John) vs tidy whitey (Jason)

In the big dog and that gear, nice and ready for the wild dog climb (NOT).
A new record was set on this loop. I have heard of it happening but never witnessed it in person. Six mountain bike riders rolling turns… yep I will say it again, rolling turns! For around about 30kms we rolled around in some sort of formation and didn’t shell each other in the process. It was a miracle.

As Grover is midway through explaining the merits of the shaken coke bottle, it blows the top off and sprays all in the vicinity with a nice fine coating of sticky...

It takes either a good pie, or a long ride to get Jason's eyes to do this little trick!

He may look confused but we know exactly what the sign means. Please don’t ever do it to yourself.

Just another pic of Ash smiling away and me suffering. Home by 11am and around 130km under the belt, and headed straight for the fridge *food*.