Thursday, January 15, 2009

Headed out to tour de burbs tonight. Thanks to my long time friend beside my bottle cage, I made it on time. Or 30 mins early, but that's another story... I got a staple in my tire, a standard office staple - who'd have thunk it?!

Grover, Sean Hurley, Randall, Mallachi and the spoken gang, and a cast of hundred's turned up. Grover experienced the perils of making wardrobe choices off 3 day old forecasts. I don't know why, or even how, but he decided to stay cool, he'd just attack all the downhills...!? Randall was happy at that!

Thats a decent size bunch back there, and it was suprisingly quick out there too! Hurley there, on the right, clocked up 9.5 hours last saturday, and now is calling for volunteers to come join him on another super saturday. Pass.... That said, he also put in 4 hours on the MTB prior to tonights ride. Whilst the rest of us were at work...!!

Jersey - MTBA Sport Class - series leader - circa 2000. Randall, keepin' it real...!

And then not even 10 mins from home, I was so shelled that I had to break out the food to make it home faster than 15kph... But I got there, rolling in the door at 9pm. A decent thursday night in my book, and it makes me realise that some 'base' would be helpful...