Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cup of coffee before me, I sit with hands atop the keyboard. What to post here? I've got a fair bit to talk about, but I don't know if its worthy of one post...!?

I guess I'll start and see how we go. I got out for Hell Ride this morning aboard my F1C (did I happen to mention its for sale - check it out!!) with a thankfully smaller crew due to a few spits of rain. Thinking I was running late, it was action stations, but it was a false alarm. Turned out that Bellie was there today, which was nice so we chatted our way along at the back for most of the ride, until Bellie decided he saw a carrot up the road and away we went chasing some random for no real reason...

Ripping into an Ascend bar whilst I was out there helped heaps. I find that unlike some, I have to keep eating something at least every hour. I'd love to be able to do a ride on 4 drops of sweat and no food, but I need to eat and drink to stay moving. Thankfully, I use Ascend bars and as well as tasting as good as anything that Cadbury has in the market, they give me all the fuel I need!!

On the topic of Ascend, we'd like to remind you that we have a deal that means that anyone who sees this blog is eligible for a special rate on all Ascend products. Its a simple code we can give anyone interested that will give you a special price when you shop online with Ascend. Contact us here for the code and we'll hook you up!!

What else? We've just received a bottle of the Squirts dry chain lube for an extended test, so mass drive train cleaning is in full effect before application and long term testing. We'll bring you what we find as we go!

And finally, we should have some pictures of a night photo shoot taken last week with carrying results. What we did find out is that there are definitely some sweet trails in the Dandenongs..!!

So thats it, looks like there might be some dirt action tomorrow, so we'll get all elmo on it should that pan out!


Mak said...

hello Ash and Jase, can I get that code please for Ascend

Ash Thomas said...

Yep, you can!

For anyone else, email at us at the address in the post.