Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mid week escape.

Two bikes, two very different worlds!

After receiving the Felt Compulsion around four weeks ago my new F1 SL road bike has done nothing but collected dust which is very unfortunate. So with that in mind tonight’s ride sent me back out into the bush.
Tonight’s steed of choice was the RXC Team and the destination Warrandyte State Park.
Fortunately for me this section was burnt around one year ago, controlled burning I believe.
Fourth Hill has some awesome techo sections. You choose, A line straight ahead or B line around to the right?

The Yarra River just in the middle of Warrandyte.
Hurt cam while climbing out of Warrandyte along Warrandyte- Ringwood Rd. If you ever venture out this direction start from the corner of Croydon Rd and WarrandyteRingwood Rd next to the service station and head straight down to Warrandyte. Believe me you won’t be disappointed!
This pic is for Jack Lamshed or aka the Shrek. Who would have thought? Side walls wearing out before the centre tread, naaah I don’t believe it ;).