Sunday, February 15, 2009


I just got home from the Bushfire Relief Enduro at the You Yangs and figured it was time for a bit of an update, albeit a slow one after my finger lost a battle with a power planer a few days ago.. I managed to not get out for Jason's ride yesterday (story to come) with other commitments, but did have the opportunty to do Hell Ride. Its not getting any better... Bring back the cops I say, its going to end in tears. Too many people, too much disrespect to others (cars and bikes alike) and no joy to be had. Its a clusterf&^k thats waiting to happen. Practically riding the centre line for 90km is not the path for enlightenment...

So with that in the books, I headed today to the Bushfire Relief Enduro. Slightly disappointed to not see more of mountain bikes elite riders in attendance, there was certainly a great turnout none the less. The course was banging, and whilst I did a couple of laps in shorts and a t-shirt which may be slightly disrespectful in hindsight, I don't really care as it was so much damn fun. Sweating away on the Ozriders grips sans gloves was no drama, as we (Rob Eva and I) hooked into the spectacular course. Berms, short sharp climbs and awesome flowing singletrack was the recipe for the days amusement. Sadly, a puncture from some erant rim tape (must convert to tubeless and Spex soon!) was quicky solved from some unknowing generosity from Castlemaine Cycles and the Rocky Riders (thanks guys!) and we were away again!

So without photos to prove it, the course was sensational! Like I mentioned, berms, jumps and all the fruit made it a great place to play, although I'm not sure a 6 hour solo was totally the best idea I've ever had... So I did two laps and called it even :) LAst I saw, Johnny C was calling it a day, leaving Troy to battle it alone.

Oh, and we did get out to do the thursday night tour de burbs with Matt and Jason for the night. Apparently it was slow, but I didn't get that... There was some clown who was disgusted with missing a set of lights toward the end that meant he 'missed the sprint'. We politely informed him that he was still in with a shout, and really it wasn't about being first accross the fictitious line, but he turned a bit sulky and quiet.. We managed to bridge a fair way accross, but sadly it seemed he hadn't managed to come with us, so I guess he may not have really be in the running anyways!

If you look closely, you can see the Ivanhoe fire...

Matt and Jason comparing greasy drivetrains.

And finally, whilst we do spend a lot of time following people, what is going on with this arrangment??


Matt said...

so I guess he may not have really be in the running anyways!