Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flat Bikkie!

Singlespeed night for us at the Fatties ride, and it wasn't a slow one. Seemingly with the sunshine, bought with it a lot of riders out of the woodwork, myself included. Even the leggy Paul Van showed up, albeit looking like the tassie devil after a busy day.

First proper ride in anger with the Nightlightning for 2009, and they are killing it! So simple, secure and bright, they were just the thing to keep pace with the rest of the crew. And lucky too, as towards the end of the ride the Tassie Devil started to bonk, then blew apart a link in the chain of the bike he was on. Without tools, nor food to fix the body, it was default mode to get home with Bellie and I, and some donations to get the bike going.

Still, that's about the only photos I have to offer as I know I spent the night absolutly flat biscuit chasing guys like AJ, Randall, MattyL, Rohin, Braunstiens, and a cast of many others through the bush on a lazy Wednesday night, and rolling back in the house at 9.45, gave me a bit over 4 hours on the rivet. Gold!

And whilst the transition from normal life to bike life never seems to go smoothly, the mix of frantic preparation, food inhalation, caffination and departure after a day at work now has a new recipe of Ascend bars and coffee that really gets it going! Aonther bar in the pocket and I'm good to go! Those bars rule! 4 hours flat out on an overgeared SS, with just 2 bars and I made it! Get on them! :) And to remind you if you do want to purchase some of the Ascend product, be sure to contact us for the discount code to save yourself some money, allowing you to buy more!

And who has Jim Hsu's travel blog they can link for me??


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overgeared ss..... pussy! wish I had that problem last night. I was chasing like a greyhound on speed after a rabbits arse!