Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rumours abound

Rumour mill is grinding along!

With the departure of Felt Racing manager Jarrod, who will be stepping up to the plate to run the oldest enduro race team in Australia? Seems like the person has already been anointed, we'll see when its announced?!

What does Nightlightning have in store for us with some new brackets, lights and associated goodies??

I also believe that OzRiders will be launching a new website soon, which will offer much more news and interaction, so stay tuned for that! The grips are currently going awesome on the Compulsions, a set of alloy bar plugs saving mine from doom in a recent stack, yet still they thrive!

Was it Winny who rode the lead bunch of Tour of Gila, givn' it heaps in the front bunch till he sadly blew? I think so, doing it for the MTB'ers!

Castlemaine appears to be turning up the weather, so I've a feeling we'll get another good ride in there on the Compulsions!!

And have you seen such a look of concentration on Jason before? :)


Chris Winn said...

yep..blew big time outta the break at the base of the final 6 mile climb...needed a 34T to get up that thing! Cheers lads, happy