Monday, April 20, 2009

Watch minute 3.40 to be sickened...

What an absolute prick, and the commissaires did nothing! They deemed it a 'fair sprint' and explained it as bumping and pushing. Looks to me like his hand was on the front of his shoulder and then he pulled... What do you think??


Zero said...

The coverage from this footage and incident in general has been so BS. From every angle you can clearly see he's squeezed into the barriers - even if he didn't have his hand on on him in any way they were both going down due to that alone. All he was trying to to was maintain position away from the barriers.

Sickening? Yes. That in professional cycling, forcing riders off track and cutting across riders is still found acceptable just because you're the GC leader.

And after watching it from every angle, the UCI seem to agree.

Zero said...

A bit more that I was reading just as I hit 'submit', here's a translation of what was said after the event:

Theo Bos' and Daryl Impey's crash leaves his marks with the Rabo sprinter as well. Mainly mental marks. Theo Bos would like to see the tv-footage of his crash in the last stage of the Tour of Turkey. "I've heard from my brother that it looks like i pull Impey down to the ground, but that is absolutely untrue. I am not crazy am I?!" Just as team manager Nico Verhoeven Bos admits that an action like that wouldn't be just unfair, but also a kamikaze action. "With those speeds and in that position I would launch meself straight away. No way I would do that".

The sprinter admits a few hours after the hectic finish that he can't remember all details of the incident. "But I do know I only wanted to give him a sign I was next to him. He came to my side when I was already virtually in the fences." Bos tried to hold Impey off by putting his arm next the the South African's body. "What happened after that I can't remember. It all happened in a fraction of a second. What I do know is that I hit a leg from a fence and that's how i dragged Impey with me. No, I didn't crash because he crashed. I hit a leg because we were out of balance."

Afterwards, he spoke to the UCI Commissaire. He told me they wouldn't take any actions. Bos: "but maybe it will end different when Barlowords hands in a complaint. I hope that I can see some good tv footage and have a look at it. I just want to know what exactly happened. It all went that fast that I can't exactly replay the film, but one thing is sure, this definately was not on purpose.

See here - he's right up on the barriers:

Adrian said...

check this: