Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well it looks like this is degenerating into a true Epix, as we know you all love reading them the worse they are!

The wettest place in the state will be playing host to us this weekend, and the route that has been mapped out by the legends at looks like its going to kick our ass! The weather is doing its best to play 'not so nice', so I know I'll get to play with some new toys in the form of a new rain cape/shell.

Last night saw us tinkering with the compulsion, and solving a ghost shifting issue with the rear end by extending the housing about 15mm. So that's an easy fix :) With the shock out to test the full spectrum of travel, its amazing just how fluid the suspension real is! The grease ports on the equilink are a welcome addition also! So with a bit of love, a quick wash tonight, and we're ready to rock for the weekend.

Sadly the elmo will be 'in the shop' as its got a technical issue, but with a new camera on board, and the usual tricks, we'll be bringing you this ride in as much detail as we can!

Get out there!