Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beechworth 6 hour

Its been a long time since I've strapped on a number, and with the Compulsion raring to go, it was with a hint of excitement that I snuck my way to the front group of the S.H.I.T.S field, only to go backwards with more speed than the group went forwards! Something about confusing confidence with ability I think..

Carrying the remnants of the seasonal change cold, and riding in the 'Kristy Cup' raising money for breast cancer research, we had a group of about 25 riders of varying abilities out there ripping the place up!

The course got better and better throughout the day, as did Russ Baker's music as new Felt Racing team manager Rich got on the musical directors program! Uptown Girl, for the third time, was really starting to grate...

The final chapters of the race we're the most fun, with most of our teams finishing on the same lap, and within minutes making it quite an exciting race for us!

The 'awards ceremony' and giving of the Kristy Cup happened at the now highly recommended Bridge Road Brewer's brewery, with yummy fresh beer and pizza's served, that even this retard could eat!

So in all, an awesome weekend of fun, so check out the riders blogs around the place for more stories and photos as they come to hand!