Friday, May 29, 2009

just a quick one right now, but more to come!

Nightlightning have flown us the goods with an exciting new set of lights! A great new mounting setup, a more succinct design and more features than we've even come to realize just yet. They come out of the wrapping properly on the weekend, perhaps with a bit of testing thrown in as well, and you know this is the place you'll hear about it!

Also new to the Felt Epix crew is the new Ascend ready-to-drink prototype packaging - a single serve prima style drink with a full dose of the amazing proteins that we've come to love from the scientists at Ascend! They are working to take their sensational products out of the secretive dark corners of the sporting world (you'd would be suprised how many athletes of various sports use this in conflict to their actual sponsors!) and bringing it to you in a convienient form for everyday use!

So more pretty pictures when we have a moment, right now its off to the real world for another day...