Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Officer - Rd 1 Winter Series XC Details - 14th June

FTF Winter Series Rd#1 – 14th June
Entry & Licence:
Done in the morning of the race.
You need to show a VALID MTBA licence, if not, you can purchase a $15 day licence.
Note: Cadets need a parent / guardian to fill in a $5 participation licence.
Race Entry Fees:
$20 = A, B, C, D
$10 = Junior (13-17)
Nil = Cadets

Anderson Scout Camp, Dickie Rd Officer. Melways ref Map 212 H9.


8am = Registration open
9.30am = Start for the Cadets (15min event)
10am = Racing starts for A, B, C, D and Junior classes.
Straight after racing has finished, presentations and spot prizes will be drawn, so you are best to hang around because we have plenty to give away!
The Course:
Expect a bit of climbing, but generally is a very rideable flowing course with plenty of passing / eating / drinking sections, in conjunction with some awesome singletrack!
It is anticipated that an A grader will do a lap around the 18-20min mark.
The number of laps each class will do won’t be determined until the morning of the race depending on weather conditions etc.
Note: Cadets will go around a ‘simplified’ course of around 3-4min in length over a 15min period.
The Scouts will be providing coffee / drinks with a superb selection of race orientated food. They put on a fantastic spread, so please help support the Scouts.
Croydon Cycleworks will be providing mechanical support in association with their ‘mobile shop tent’.


The Scouts will be coordinating the parking. It would be greatly appreciated if you could please donate a gold coin on entry into the park as a fundraising means. Thank you in advance.

Hope to see you there!