Friday, July 10, 2009

Rd # 2 FTF winter series.

FTF Winter Series Rd#2 – 12th July @ Harkaway Details
Entry & Licence:
Done in the morning of the race.
You need to show a VALID MTBA licence, if not, you can purchase a $15 day licence.
Note: Cadets need a parent / guardian to fill in a $5 participation licence.
Race Entry Fees:
$20 = A, B, C, D & for this race a "CHIX” only class.
$10 = Junior (13-17)
Nil = Cadets
Harakaway Scout Camp, 138 Chadwick rd, Harkaway melways 210 B7

8.30am = Registration open
9.30am = Start for the Cadets (15min event)
10am = Racing starts for A, B, C, D, Junior & CHIX classes.
Straight after racing has finished, presentations and spot prizes will be drawn, so you are best to hang around because we have plenty to give away!
The Course:
The race format is not your traditional XC race course consisting of a 5-6km loop, instead it’s a “short and intense” loop of around 2km long. It’s not overly technical, but it will certainly be close racing. So please expect a few short sharp climbs. A perfect MTB loop!

So since the course is so short, there will be only one class racing at a time. The actual race time won’t go for that long (around 15-20min or so depending on the weather). So after each class has done their 1st race for the day, the 2nd and final race will be in the reverse direction. It will be like racing on two different courses on the same day. We’ll then add the scores up for your two races to determine the eventual winner for each class. While your class is not racing, you’ll be able to watch the other classes, a perfect atmosphere.
Croydon Cycleworks will be providing mechanical support in association with their ‘mobile shop tent’.
There will be NO food or drinks available, so please BYO.


We will be coordinating the parking around the buildings near the start finish line. It’s a one way little dirt road into the camp, so please be mindful of other drivers and riders. Ie. drive slow.
Thank you in advance.

Hope to see you there.