Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jason and I managed to make it out for 'burbs tonight, and I can tell you from my end it was Epic in its own right. Quite a ride to come back onto the bike with, and it tore me a new one, but getting back on the pony is always tough and takes a few weeks to get over the hump. Nothing more to do than get after it!

Whilst I grovelled home, I had to laugh at some clown. Either he could tell I was a ruined unit, or he was just a comedian, but riding a large supermotard bike like this

rode up beside me on a large main road, and proceeded to pass me on one wheel, with his legs off the bike pedaling... What a smartarse, and I know that he would have been laughing in his helmet as much as I was laughing under mine.

I just thought I'd share that lil gem, as it made me laugh when I thought I was all out of giggles!