Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School night torture.

You know your getting serious when you have got your bike strapped to the trainer on a school night. But with the Degani ride coming up I need all the help I can get.

The BIG news that has sparked off all this structured training, is news that Nat Dunn has found him self a sponsor. Look out for the skinny boy in a fresh team Ascend kit! The lad is packing some horse power under the bonnet. You may have seen Nat in some of our Epix rides in the past. He has earned the respect from some of the best MTB riders in the country as a hard arse that always leaves one gear to spare, as Nat says, “you never know whats around the next corner”.

As for the next Epix ride? The site has been chosen and the route has a few tweaks needed before we hit the trails. The finish will be welcomed by all and with the promise that all will be well hydrated.


Mak said...

bring it on...... cant wait for this little epix... be a bloody hoot!