Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Round 7 of the state enduro series will be at Officer Scout Camp (6hr) on the 15th of November. Enter via http://www.entryzone.bighillevents.com.au/.

On the 27th of September, our final winter series XC race will take place @ Officer Scout Camp. Details are on the website: www.ftf.com.au

And finally, in association with the final XC winter series round @ Officer, after the race surrounding the scout hall there will be a 'car boot' sale. The tradition is as follows.

Many years ago, the well healed and pseudo pros started a tradition of Car Boot type sales at mountain bike races. Gold coin donations for unwanted used tires, simply crazy prices on gear that was cluttering up sheds and bedrooms alike was available for cash-cash on the day, or deals would go on for weeks following. In the end, the up and comers in the sport would be able to afford top notch equipment (albeit second hand) that wouldn't be otherwise possible, and the upper level riders could both clean out their excess equipment and know that they were in effect putting something back into the sport.

Perhaps the time is right once again , with the spiraling economic whohaa trundling along, the car boot sale concept is coming back once again. So get to the shed/bedroom/wherever it may be and have a good clean up. Then load all the stuff you've collected into your little car/bob trailer and get on out to officer and support the club/fellow racers/your own hip pocket, and don't tell the tax man. Prices are however low you can take 'em, but the principal is DIRT cheap!