Monday, December 14, 2009

7 Peaks, The Alpine Ascent Challenge.

Mr T handed me a passport some weeks ago with the intention of inspiring me to find time to get on the bike. At first the passport was pushed aside and paperwork in the office took hold once again.

With a typical mid week office session finishing up around 11:30ish pm I needed some reading material in bed to take my mind off the day that was just about to pass. Not the kind you are thinking!!!

The passport found its way into my hand and I read the text. In the morning a text message was created and sent, let’s get some dates together and take on the challenge of the 7 peaks, The Alpine Ascent Challenge. I am inspired once again to get out of bed on a Sunday at 5:30am.

Our first ascent was to be Lake Mountain Alpine Resort with a twist. The Passport asks us to ride from Marysville to Lake Mountain total 22kms, 902m rise. We decided this is much too short for an adventure, so we rode from home instead. Total 150km, 2800m rise, that’s better…

Check out Mr T blog for his pics as mine were from my crackberry phone.

We plan to ride all seven if our calendar permits. Check the site for all info and get out there!

You never know my 2010 blog update could be from France.