Sunday, February 14, 2010

Things aren't all dead here (although if someone doesn't step up and pick up these Compulsions for just $1000, they may well be...), we're both still riding, but working to get some sort of a base back together.

Amusingly I was heading for some extra's on Hell ride, and watching as the bunch turned at Mt Eliza. Bellie and Big Ivan Kalleur (sp?) continued in the bunch whilst I went straight, and as I watched them all dive for the orange turn light, Big Ive tips it in for the perfect carve and decks himself quick as a flash. The full hand down, rotating slide on the bitumen across/through the intersection! OW!!

I found out later that it was only some bark and a cut hand, and they straightened his bars and chased back onto the bunch. Fun times!

With all this 'wonderful talk' of removing parked cars from Beach road, I can't help but be mildly cynical. I've said for years that my solution would be 'clearway' from 6-12am sat/sun, from elsternwick to mordy, AND REMOVE THOSE STUPID MEDIAN STRIPS! What they are instigating currently is a crap, token measure that will do nothing more than annoy the residents and the motorists will still have the same issues at every median strip, and resent cyclists and the council... So close, yet it falls over at the last hurdle again...

Oh well...

Whilst I was nibbling on my Ascend bar (which gets me through pretty much every ride currently), it reminded me that Epix will be heading down to support the Ascend guys as they sponsor the Great Ocean Road Classic, and as such, YOU should come down and check it all out!


jeff said...

some of us only wish we could 'come down' ... but alas can't as i live in the states ... so post more pictures !