Saturday, March 20, 2010

Headed out for a hoon on the Virtue this morning, without even giving the road bike a second glance. God I'm loving this thing!

I figure that there is a 'dawn patrol' in the surfing world, but that's really the only time we get to ride, so does that make us the dawn patrol too... Anyway, I bet its easier to put wax on a surfboard than it is to spray chain lube on whilst trying to wave enough to keep the sensor light on, and fend the dog off, whilst trying not to wake the wife as we live in a shed mid renovation. Regardless, its good to get out on the bike!! :)

Chasing the Hoff along the trails, we headed out towards Lysterfield, if only just to heckle Snozza, but also to go rail some great fun singletrack. About halfway out we were no longer wishing for carrot eyes, and it dawned just lover-ly! Some lucky people were even out enjoying it on the lake, floating around in kayaks which looked very nice indeed

The virtue was doing its thing with ease, I'd happily never go back to a hardtail. Everything it does, the bike bike just does it better. Even climbing, the usual bugbear of full sus, is fine requiring simply a change in technique and away we go! I'm absolutly loving it, and with yarra trails on thursday and lysterfield today, I think I just need a visit to the You Yang's and I'm an urban warrior :)

I'll put some pics up asap, just having to reinstall all the phone software. Jase just text to say he did all the hills around his place, about a million vertical, and I couldn't care how fit he's getting because I'm having too much fun on this bike!