Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Its been a bit topsy turvy lately, with things hitting us from leftfield here there and eveywhere. Firstly was the immensly sad passing of Willo, something which I know plays on my mind often, then computer failure rendered me silent. Galloping off to Torquay in the very early dawn to represent Ascend at the Otway Classic which turned out to be a great day, and now getting things sorted to pre-run the Nemesis Marathon Champs at Avoca on the weekend.

Photos are a bit lacking at the moment whilst we get this computer issue sorted out, but they're coming!

Its become more and more noticable the lack of daylight at the moment, so I've dragged my Nightlightning lightset out for the winter - how about a quick review

I'll have a full wrap of the Nemesis Marathon champs course for you over the weekend! Happy trails out there!!


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