Friday, April 23, 2010

Looks like it pretty quiet out there in Blogger world, everyone seems to be still recovering from the Marathon champs?

Thought I'd do a quick run throught on the Virtue, being it pretty good fun in the conditions presented... We've had Virtues for probably 4-5 seasons now, and Equilink equipped bikes for longer than that, and I can say that I did indeed scratch my head when Felt announced months ago that they were scrapping the system for their lighter, shorter travel bikes.. I reckon its damn good personally, so much so that I think I left the ProPedal off on the shock for about 60km to help with keeping traction on the rocky ground at Avoca.

IMO, this Virtue is the best on that I've used for a number of reasons. Firstly, they seem to have sorted out the pivots to a reliable, smooth action without bolts coming loose. Secondly the artwork is great, and a good looking bike goes easily 10% faster. The frame is a measurable amount stiffer than previous efforts, and I'd go so far as to say it feels better engineered than the Compulsion of last year. Power, steering and response all seem to be tapered to a more accurate point, and the bike is able to be pushed harder.

The parts spec is solid and reliable, which is really where these bikes are aimed at. Quite easily could someone drop some weight on it, through a bit of carbon here and there, wheels and groupset, but it would be chasing grams... The new Carbon bars I put on for the weekend are a bit narrower than I was used to (closer to standard than Kabush ) but they did the job admirably, and are extremely light with the carbon nano-tube technology. And the Fulcrum wheels, whilst I was nervous running untested equipment for a 90km heartbreaker, they were awesome!! So stiff, light and super super fast!! I couldn't believe how quick they where, getting in a tuck on a rolling fireroad and I was GONE from whoever I rode with. Can't say enough good things about them, and hopefully I can hang onto them for a while!! 2 big thumbs up from me!! And Avid Elixers with 180mm front rotor -haven't ridden anything better, ever. Power, modulation, ease of use, and did I mention the power...!!!!

All in all, I loved the bike for the day, and love to ride it at every chance I get! Its the most fun bike I've had the pleasure of using on a regular basis, and isn't that why we ride?


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