Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wheels have arrived!

With the good graces of the team at Southcott, I've got the priveldge to slip in a set of Fulcrum Red Metal wheels into the Virtue One.

"These are still at the top of the metal alloy wheels range in the Fulcrum® Red Metal Zero series: they are specific for the use of disc brakes. They provide the ideal choice for cross-country races because of the use of the 23.5 millimetre rims machined with triple milling. The maximum lightness has been obtained as a result without weakening the sides. The result is the best compromise for indulging your passion on impervious tracks and steep descents.

Compatibility with UST tubeless systems. Aluminium spokes with an aerodynamic profile and stainless steel nipples are used for assembly. The Two-To-One™ configuration has been chosen for both wheels with 16 spokes on one side and 8 on the other. Doubling is on the disc brake side of the front wheel and on the freehub side of the rear one. The oversize hubs feature a 20 millimetre axle running on high-precision bearings.

There there is also a Red/Black version having a red rim, black spokes, and red hub.

Average weight*:
front: 720 g
rear: 880 g"

Sounds good to me! All that needs to happen is whack the discs on them, stretch a pair of Panaracer Rampages over and fill them with Spex and I'm out there riding up the hills!! :)

Last night I whipped out to the Yarra trails to have a fang around, and kinda tried to do the old 'racing daylight' thing... Lets say I was rueing the perfectly good set of Nightlightning iblaasts that I left at home.. Still, it was awesome out here, damp tacky trail and I even saw some 'Dickies' out there - for you filthmongers, I'm refering to the Dickies that are involved with this arrangement

Nemesis National Marathon Champs this weekend - Epix will be there, and I believe it may just be truely Epic!


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