Sunday, October 9, 2011

As time goes by, a few changes are slowly leaking onto the blog. Firstly, there are a few changes in the blog roll on the side, and I'll endeavor to continue to update them as so many blogs have died, and few have been reborn.

Secondly, mentions of Felt as a title sponsor is being slowly removed. Whilst Epix still rides Felt, and will always be greatful for their assistance, we've not requested any form of sponsorship or agreement at this time. In simple terms, we own our bikes and its enough advertising to simply ride them rather than overt advertising. That may change as it gathers more steam and maybe even hit a few races, but for now its best to have no obligations.

With the truck getting ever closer to completion, more riding shall come! For now, check out the blog rolls on the right and get out on your bike!


blorriepoes said...

waoah nice, i love biking!

+following ur blog

The Independent Rage said...

Some blogs die, but later turn into Zombies.

Anonymous said...

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