Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Epix #2 rolls onward

This coming weekend sees riders lining up for the second Epix ride, a local one close to Melbourne. The list of riders is coming together over the next few days, the route is basically decided, the weather looks like its playing ball, and the bikes are primed and ready to go. Our Virtue ones have really benefited from the effort and detail that was put into them as they came out of the box, as (touch wood) we've had no real issues at all. Over the next few rides, we'll be posting up how some individual parts are performing in the real world, things like the new XT wheels and the XT brakes, also the RockShox Forks with their amazingly handy u-turn adjuster and floodgate system.

Also we'll have a closer look at the backpacks that we use for each ride and some of the more Epix specific equipment that we use.

So stay tuned for more!

Finally, it looks like Epix 3 has been decided for a location, and its a doozy!