Sunday, January 20, 2008

Epix has begun; and begun with a suitable taster hopefully of adventures to come. This detailed account will take place over a few days, so you will just have to check back daily for the next installment, but without further ado, we bring to you Epix #1 – The Buller Chronicles...!

The riders who would join Jason and myself on this journey would be Ben Randall and Andy Bell (both from Kona/MtBuller Factory Team) and Joel Read (Total Rush/Specialized/FTF). Also along was Gez (GVRaceTech) for the 4wd support role and to fire the shutter, and Sarah, Tessa, Breanna and Em (our loyal cheer squad) Sadly I don't have a pic of everyone dammit, sorry.

Friday night was its usual manic self, with all members of the party getting out of town at around the same time and heading towards Yea. By keeping the finer details of the trip between Jason and myself, the information that leaked out to the other riders was essential only and added to the suspense. Nobody really know where we were going or what to expect other than a long hard day in the saddle, near Buller. Jason and I had a pretty firm plan with logistics in place, but with trips like this, the fluid nature of it requires flexible planning. So rather than change plans, we just make it up as we go, within a certain framework of course.

Yea pub was the meeting place for a meal, and it turned out to be great, although the hot tip is get 2 pizza’s, not just the one… A touch small, I hear. The weather was becoming a little more dire by the hour as we sat inside, and by the time we returned to the vehicles, it was fairly well bucketing. Back onto the highway in convoy, we arrived at the Tunnel Bend campsite about 11pm.

Much to the displeasure of our new neighbors, we set up camp for the night and retired a little after midnight whilst praying the rain would ease up. A variety of sleep arrangements were used, from a camper trailer to swag, to tents and ute trays. And I think everyone got just a little wet with whatever they had.

Bellie had the TarpMahal set up, a 24 soloist with all the toys! Lights, batteries, showers, fridges, all well though out additions to a great set up!

And tormenting Randall in the morning could be a national pass time...!

..... part 2 to come!


Randall said...

Laugh it up in your tents... But who had a dry sleeping bag on sunday morning???
The swag and trench man did....And not just cause i'm toilet trained!!

Awesome weekend mate. Even the "swim" afterwards...