Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lets get rolling.

We removed the gear indicators. This allows me to locate the shifters and brake levers to a position that suits my small hands. This was a two minute job, as all you have to do is take out the two screws on top of the shifter that hold the indicator in place. Then rotate the indicator and it will come away from the body. Underneath the indicator there is a small disk which you re-install on the shifter. Simple once again, but a painless little tip that could save someone years of discomfort.

The standard XT cranks that come on the Virtue one are great. Solid, reliable and perfect for the job at hand. Still, like most things, they have generally been installed by a reasonably studious, but uncaring person in another country for less money that we make in a few minutes. Stands to reason that they may need checking really, and generally they do. Paint intruding on the face BB surfaces is a no no, and a fair whack of grease about the place is a good idea. Saves any dramas in the long run, and holds off corrosion for a bit longer!

We set up the front Rock Shox Revelations and rear Fox RP23 shock to suit my weight and the weight of the pack that l will be carrying. The maiden voyage for the new Epix machine will be on the regular Wednesday night ride with the FTF crew. Hopefully there, everything will get bedded in, including brake pads, seals on all the moving parts and the cables will do all the stretching they need, so we'll be locked and loaded for the weekend!



Bellie said...

Cool idea with the indicators, did you think of it youself?