Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Still more work, gettin 'er rollin!

Late last Friday night I was handed my new MTB in a box and some cool accessory's to go with it. Having a busy weekend schedule ahead, High 5 concerts, engagement party's and a 4hr MTB ride to get through, the best I could do is get the bike in a form that GVRaceTech would accept to work on.

Once in the magic factory (thats where the magic happens you see...!) Gez quickly and effortlessly stripped the beast and started preparing it for the task's ahead.

A new set of Stronglight ceramic headset bearings were installed. These headset bearings are the premiere bearings from Stronglight, and they feature the CT2 treatment - with ceramic and teflon combined in the bearing, they offer a surface hardness 3 times higher than the treated steel version, allowing a major decrease in drag, an amazing resistance to corrosion and many other factors make these bearings sure to take over the market. They also feature an oblique contact point which I'm assured offers far better stress distribution!

Standard cable and housing from pretty much any factory is essentially woeful. Kinked cables, split housing, incorrect and unsealed endcaps are the norm. We avert drama by replacing the lot straight out. The rear derailleur outer cable got replaced and re- ran from the top tube to rear derailleur with out stopping at the guides. This limits the amount of entry points that dust and water can enter, which will ensure we have no issues on the trails ahead. Simple sure, but essential with highly tuned bikes!