Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This weekend will be the first Epix, and the details are slotting into place as we speak. The bikes that we will be riding are in our possession and being fettled into perfection by GVRaceTech as per usual. I'll go into more depth about what it is we actually do to a stock bike when we get them out of a box, but photos are needed so there will be a short delay there.

There has been many, many questions about this project since it was first hatched, and I've kept it under my hat for months now, pending the proposal to Felt. With that out of the way, I'm happy to divulge much more information. Why did we not trumpet it all around? Because I was nervous that someone would steal our thunder and do it first. Whilst Epix is still just a fledgling project, it has vast potential, and many people see that already. With the popularity and enjoyment of the invitational style rides last year, people were starting to see how much fun it could be to get a good group of people to go ride the trails and take a small break from the grind of training and racing. That enthusiasm is what drives Epix, and drives us to bring you the most entertaining and up to date posts on this here site!

I'll get along to answering more questions during the week, but for now, its back to setting up a Virtue 1 for this weekend.