Monday, March 3, 2008

Skulls n' bones

Its been a hell of a productive weekend, just thought you should know! Preparations are coming along solidly for the long weekend jaunt into the Victoria High country, for a day ride in an area I can almost guarantee hasn't been mountain biked. So 'ScubaSteve is getting his final touches this week to carry us in comfort, with more water tanks, compressed air tanks and battery power added, and I've just checked the weather and its looking grand for the moment.

Also over the weekend, some of us got back out to the new trails that are appearing, out to the northwest. Sadly, my camera was wandering around the state with someone else for the weekend, but there is now a sweet trail with quite a few options from top to bottom, just begging to be ridden in. A few people have wondered why we are getting into this sort of stuff, and its not that building is a change per se, its all part of the game. Trails rarely make themselves, and seeing as how we both love riding our bikes and really want to find the best trails we can, this seems like a pretty natural progression! For all those interested in riding some new trails in a couple of weeks, you'd better keep your eye over here.

In older news, congrats to all our friends over on the right that completed the race near apollo Bay last week, it sounds just like one of our rides, just a bit faster! And likewise to Bellie for his result on the weekend, and Rhino for being such a studious blogger and getting stories and pics up faster than most!

Stand by for the next Epix, its going to be a tough one... Departing friday!