Thursday, March 6, 2008

Getting closer now...

This weekend as you all know, we're on another fine Epix. This time the high country, and a logistically challenging trip is lined up. 4wd is required to get to 'base camp' and from there we ride. We'll touch a little of the Alpine Trail, some moto singletrack and some very very big hills. We've 4 riders in total, so its a small concise group, and we're looking foward to it.

I think someone is noticing how much we seem to have to walk on these trips. Put us in the big mountains, and well, sometimes they are bigger than we are! What do you think of these dawgs..?!

Something we may just see along the way?!

And as they say, the journey is just as good as the destination...

The Virtues are in fine form thus far, with a good look over having taken place and nothing amiss. The new bearings in my bottom bracket are going exceptionally. Combined with fresh grease in the wheel bearings, and the ceramic headset bearings from Stronglight, everything that is supposed to move is doing so with very little drag at all! Surely a good thing for big country!

So what tyres should we run??